“As the smallest province in Isaan’s lower northeast corner, Yasothon is usually one of Thailand’s sleepiest areas, except during its annual rocket festival. Each May, Yasothon’s typically quiet streets are filled with homemade rockets, lively music, and elaborately decorated parade floats. The rocket festival is, by far, Yasothon’s busiest time of year.

Buses and cars are the only ways visitors can travel directly from Bangkok to Yasothon, a more than 530-kilometre journey. The nearest airport and rail station are situated 99kms southeast of Yasothon town in Ubon Ratchathani. Unlike many other Thai communities, tuk-tuks are not common here, but visitors can easily walk or hire motorcycle taxis at the bus terminal.

Yasothon’s bus terminal stands about three kilometres outside the town and welcomes air-conditioned buses from Bangkok’s Mochit 2 terminal on a daily basis. Mini-buses travel between Mukdahan and Yasothon once every 30 minutes. Hotel rooms are only difficult to find in Yasothon during the rocket festival.

The JP Emerald Hotel is the larger of the town’s two main hotels. The B. M. Grand Hotel is clean, modern, and centrally located near a restaurant and internet cafĂ©. Aside from the rocket festival, Yasothon’s other main attractions are the over 400-year-old Chedi Sai sand stupa, the Bodindecha Golf Club, and Ban Si Than’s famous triangular pillows.”