“Sukhothai is a small but historically relevant city in the north of Thailand just over 400kms from Bangkok. The city is popular among tourists because it is a former Thai capital and still houses ruins from the ancient city nearby. These cover a large area and can be toured by bicycle.

There are regular buses from Bangkok’s Mochit station, with the journey lasting about seven hours. Buses from Chiang Mai, Phitsanulok and Mae Sot also run frequently. Given the popularity of this tranquil northern Thai town, it’s always a good idea to purchase bus tickets online beforehand.

The bus station itself is around two-and-a-half kilometres from the main tourist area. A songthaew into the centre will only cost 40 baht, while there is also the option of taking a motorized trishaw for a little more. There is a small bus stop in the old city but not all buses stop there, so travellers should ask first if they are hoping to be dropped off here.

The terminus is typical of a Thai town of this size. There are a number of vendors selling food and drinks as well as some local restaurants in the vicinity. Other amenities such as ticket booths and toilets are also situated by the main waiting area.

There are a few guesthouses just outside the bus station, although it would be advisable to search the web to check the standard of them beforehand. There may be better options in the main tourist area of the city, where there is a reasonable selection of places to stay and to eat.

There is also a daily flight from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport for anyone wanting to do a quick in-out visit. The flight leaves early in the morning and returns mid-afternoon, meaning that it would be possible to have a quick tour of this picturesque town and make it back to the capital in the same day.”