“Situated in the heart of Thailand some 346kms from Bangkok on the banks of the Pa Sak River, Petchabun is a historic town of around 25,000 people. Regular daily buses departing Bangkok’s Mochit Terminal en route to Lom Sak stop at Petchabun’s bus station, which is located in the northeast of the town on the south side of the river.

There is a small airport around 30kms north of the town that offers flights, although not daily, to Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport. However, for travellers looking to get to other parts of the country, buses are the main option. Services to nearby Nakhon Sawan, Phitsanulok, Phichit and Khon Kaen are also available regularly, although you may have to transfer at Lom Sak en route.

The bus station in Phetchabun is on Petcha Rat Alley and is similar to other small town stations in Thailand; there are plenty small eateries and places to buy snacks in the vicinity as well as a 7-Eleven at the entrance to the station. The most common way of getting around town is on motor trishaws and motorcycle taxis, both of which can be found at the bus terminus.

Phetchabun is not on the tourist trail, although it is rich in history given that historians believe it was established by both the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya kingdoms. There are several nice temples dotted around the town, and the surrounding mountainous area is scenic and worth taking a drive through.”