“Retaining much of its authentic atmosphere, Nan is a small provincial capital located in northern Thailand. Overlooked by most tourists, this town on the Nan River is home to a number of worthwhile attractions.

Nan has a bus station centrally located near the market. Direct buses are available from Bangkok’s Mochit terminal daily, a 10-hour trip. Regular bus services Chiang Mai, Lampang and Phrae are available daily but services to and from Phayao are less frequent. Songthaews, trishaws and motorcycle taxis provide local transport. The airport is located two and a half kilometres north of town. There are daily domestic flight services to Phrae and Bangkok, and weekly services to Chiang Mai.

Constructed in 1596, Wat Phumin is Nan’s most remarkable Buddhist temple. This brilliantly decorated temple is most famous for its beautiful mural paintings. Another worthwhile attraction is the National Museum. Due to recent renovations, this provincial museum is one of the most up to date in the country. Unlike in many other museums, English labels are available for numerous displayed items.

Probably the province’s finest preserved noble building, the big classic northern style teak house, known as Chao Fongkham, is positioned in a wonderful garden. The oldest parts were built using knives and axes before the availability of huge saws. At the time the house was constructed, more than 150 years ago, only the nobility could afford such spacious teak houses.”