Mae Hong Son

“Buses run from Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai at regular intervals, and there are two routes available. One route goes via through Pai (a very popular tourist destination) and the other through Mae Sariang. A regular bus will take at least seven to eight hours, but a faster more expensive option is to take a minibus. There are overnight buses from Mae Hong Son to Bangkok’s Mochit bus terminal; these take approximately 15 hours. Depending on the season, buses can fill up quickly and it’s a good idea to book online ahead of time to ensure a seat. There are also flights from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son.

The bus station in Mae Hong Son itself is fairly new, with not much in the way of shops and restaurants around it. The station is about a 15-minute walk in the southwest direction from the centre of town, but local transport is on hand for those who do not wish to walk. The town offers a good selection of eateries and accommodation options at various budget levels. There is also an interesting night market.

Northern Thailand itself is known to be a beautiful place, but Mae Hong Son seems to take the cake. An absolute dream come true in terms of beauty, many foreigners and Thais flock to the region for the beautiful countryside, and the mist enshrouded mountains where tribal villages dot the landscape.

The name Mae Hong Son refers to the terrain and its suitability for elephant training, and this area is well known for elephant trekking, elephant camps, and more. The architecture in the area seems almost untouched by modern influences, showcasing Lanna style houses and temples, and offering many natural wonders such as hot springs, trekking, rafting, beautiful national parks and more.”