“Lopburi province is located 150 km North-east of Bangkok. The usual route to get there by land starts at Pahonyothin Road in Bangkok. By Air, Lopburi is served by Khok Kathiam Domestic Airport situated less than 10 km north from the central area.

Lopburi is not well-known for tourist spots compared with other provinces in Thailand. Rather, the small city is best known for its crab-eating monkey population. This specie of crab-eating monkey(macaca) is mostly seen around temples where people and monks feed them.

In November, a Monkey festival is held where locals and tourists give unlimited vegetables and fruits to over 2,000 monkey population of the province. People,though, are regularly warned by the local government that monkeys might steal personal belongings when they interact with humans.

Lopburi has a tropical savanna climate that extends almost the whole year round. The average daily temperature peaks at almost 37 degrees Celsius.”