“The historic northern Thailand city of Lampang is located 600kms from Bangkok and an hour and half’s bus journey from the former Lanna capital of Chiang Mai. It’s well-served by regular air-conditioned buses from Bangkok’s MoChit 2 Terminal, with the trip taking around nine hours and overnight buses the most popular. Costs vary depending on the type of bus and average around 800 baht; reserving your ticket in advance online ensures a seat even in the high season.

Lampang’s bus station is a typical smaller city terminal, offering snack stalls, adequate seating, covered areas, ticket offices and onward transportation by songthaew or private minibus to various areas of the town and its surroundings. There are no tuk-tuks in the city, but visitors will love the traditional form of transport for which Lampang is famous – horse-drawn carriages.

Other means of getting to the city include a daily flight from Bangkok to Lampang’s airport or a 12-hour train trip from the capital’s Hua Lumphong rail station. Lampang’s must-see attraction is the Thailand Elephant Conservation Centre just outside the city on the Chiang Mai fast road. but the city also boasts a good number of historic attractions dating back almost 1000 years and including Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao with its Emerald Buddha.”