“The west-central Thailand city of Kanchanaburi is popular for its hilly location and cooler weather, and is known for its proximity to the infamous WWII Death Railway, immortalised in the 1957 movie Bridge over the River Kwai. The city is just 128kms from Bangkok, and is easily and inexpensively reached by VIP bus from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal, terminating at one of the two neighbouring local bus stations on Saeng Chuto Road.

The smaller bus terminal just off the main street deals with VIP bus services, and the larger bus station serves ordinary buses on short or longer-haul routes. The best way to get to Kanchanaburi is by bus, as there’s no airport and the train service is third-class only. Air-conditioned buses leave from the capital’s Southern Bus Terminal every half hour from early morning to 22:30, taking under two hours and costing just 106 baht.

Saeng Chuto Road is Kanchanaburi’s main street, running through the southern district from the River Kwai bridge past the rail and bus stations and giving arrivals at either terminal a central location with easy access to guesthouses and hotels. Another option to or from Bangkok is the VIP bus service from the capital’s Morchit Bus Terminal to Kanchanaburi’s smaller, first-class bus terminal. Buses run every hour from 06:30 to 18:00, take three hours and cost between 108 and 139.

Nakhom Pathom is just two hours away, with the service provided every 15 minutes between 04:00 and 18:00 and costing 50 baht. Kanchanaburi’s two bus stations are conveniently positioned just a 30 baht songthaew ride from the town’s guesthouse district. Even cheaper are the motorcycle taxis, costing just 20 baht and perfect for travellers without heavy luggage. Getting around town and exploring the region’s WWII history is straightforward and cheap by means of tuk-tuks, songthaews and motorcycle taxis.”