“The charming small city of Chaiyaphum is located in Thailand’s northeastern Isaan region. The main difficulty most visitors here will encounter is that the town isn’t really a tourist destination and not much English is written or spoken.

Some of the souvenirs that are popular with travellers visiting Chaiyaphum are triangular pillows, silk, cotton cloth, and more hand-woven cloth items. Also popular are various local foods that include: Isaan sausages and fish cakes which definitely satisfy visiting tourists.

The bus station in Chaiyaphum has a central location. Numerous private tour companies run bus services from the Thai capital to Chaiyaphum. Daily buses depart from Mochit 2 terminal, the trip taking about five and a half hours. At the Chaiyaphum bus terminal plenty of tuk-tuks offer rides at reasonable prices.

Chaiyaphum has a wide range of natural tourist attractions and the city is renowned for its fantastic flower-fields, and especially for the Krachiao Flower Blooming Festival that takes place in June and July.

The city is home to a number of accommodation facilities. Budget accommodation is rather limited and can only be found along the main road several kilometres outside town. Dining amenities include seafood restaurants, food courts, pubs and steak restaurants.”