Ayutthaya is probably one of the most scenic places near Bangkok. With rising ruins that remember the past, river Chao Phraya, elephant encounters and old historical towns; Ayutthaya is the best tourist attraction to see without getting too far from Bangkok. Ayuthhaya is only 64 km north of Bangkok. People usually visit Ayutthaya by private car, but other public modes are also available. Several buses from Morchit station go directly to Ayutthaya province. Getting to the kingdom by cruise is popular amomg foreigners.Though expensive, taking the cruise ship displays a view of the kingdom from the surrounding waters and see everything as a whole. Apparently, the best way to travel Ayutthaya would still be via railways. 2 hours travel time from Hua Lamphong station to Ayutthaya, the fascinating view of everything going past the destination are indeed priceless. Religious and Ancient landmarks such as Ayutthaya ruins, Ayutthaya historical park and Wat Phra Mahthat, where you will see a Buddha bidden in a tree are three places that should not be missed.