Thailand has just overtaken Malaysia as South East Asia top tourist arrival country. Every year, there are millions of tourists arrival travelling around Thailand via express bus service. With the increasing in demand for express bus service, the express bus industry in Thailand has growth significantly in term of number bus service, quality of bus service and auxiliary service in the bus like WiFi. Thailand has over 300 bus operators running express bus service across the country, as well as some bus operators provides the cross border service to Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos.

ThaiBusInfo.com is created with the vision to provide the most comprehensive express bus service information in Thailand. We collect the price, departure, route information of express bus service in Thailand via on-site visit to the bus terminals in Thailand and cross reference from other several websites. We wish to this informative bus related information would help the travelers to plan their holiday before arriving in Thailand

Nowadays there are even some bus booking websites available online. The schedule are mostly real-time and the travelers can catch a bus ticket by booking online before they travel to Thailand.